GST Refund Consultants

We, at AMRA Consultants believe in offering qualitative value-added services to our clientele. Our GST refund application process has its foundation built on comprehensive process checklists, document verification and categorisation, reconciliation with GST records and periodical follow ups and pursuing the refund application with the GST authorities.

With such comprehensive process in place, all you need is to provide us the required data, sit back and await receipt of the refund orders. Engage us for your GST refund claims and see the difference.

Know More About GST Refund

Globally, it is a general norm that exports should be zero rated, i.e., only the real value of goods/ services should be exported and not the taxes. In line with this objective to make Indian exports competitive in the international markets, The Government of India has implemented various policies/ laws to ensure that exports are not burdened with excessive taxes or duties and various options have been provided to the exporters to make their exports tax-free.

On similar lines, GST also provides for certain conditions where Export of services would be zero rated. Under GST regime, money is refunded under the zero-rating principle to promote exports. It has been ensured that the tax refunds are done at the earliest so that the rhythm in export growth is maintained.

Refund in case of exports is possible under two scenarios:

Exports of goods and services without payment of tax (filing LUT)
Exports of goods and services with payment of tax (payment of IGST)

What they say about us

We give full credit to AMRA Consultants for streamlining our company’s GST compliance. Their dedicated team of learned professionals have a focussed approach & exceptional clarity when it comes to any questions pertaining to GST. I can say, without their support, it would not have been possible for us to sail past the initial turbulent period when GST was launched. Our best wishes always with them !