Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) Registration Services

The Limited Liability Partnerships are prominent and popular form of doing businesses in countries across the world. These LLPs are elegant and easy means of combining entrepreneurial initiative with requisite capital and other resources, the professional expertise, and creative knowledge about the business concerned. The taxation liabilities of LLP are different, and generally less than that of the business corporations. Other benefits of limited liability partnerships are outlined in the section below. A LLP is an optional corporate business form that offers advantages of limited liability of an enterprise and the adaptability of a partnership.


The outstanding salient features or benefits of the limited liability partnerships are:
A legally recognized, separate entity with a minimum capital of Rs. 10000
Limited liability to some partners
Lesser tax liability than corporations
Freedom to sort out their management and business affairs directly
Simple and quick process of registration
Perpetual existence, irrespective of changes in partners
A minimum of two partners are required for its formation no restriction to the maximum number of partners
liNo minimum capital contribution recommendations
Less Government intervention.
Body corporate can be a partner of an LLP.
No exposure to personal assets of the partners except in a fraud case.


Steps involves in LLp registration

STEP 1 : Apply DIN

STEP 2 : Apply for Digital Signatures.

STEP 3 : File the form for approval of name and get the same approved.

STEP 4 : LLP Registration Documents filled with Registrar.

STEP 5 : Obtaining Certificate from Registrar.

STEP 6 : Making LLP Agreements.

STEP 7 : Filling Form No. 3.

STEP 8 : Get other required registrations and licenses needed for different kind of business.


ID proof of the proposed Partners: PAN Card, Passport, Election Id, Driving License – anyone (Income-tax PAN is a mandatory requirement as proof of identity for Indian Designated Partners and passport is a mandatory requirement as proof of identity for foreign nationals/Partners.)
Address proof of the proposed Partners: Passport, election (voter identity) card, ration card, driving license, electricity bill, telephone bill or bank account statement – anyone.
Passport size photographs of the Designated Partners.
Address proof of registered office.

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