Amra Consultants has dedicated an experienced team of professionals including lawyers, industry specific consultants, paralegals and support staff that deliver efficient, competent and cost-effective Legal Process Management Services to foreign law firms including UK,Canadian and US based law firms, legal organizations and other entities world wide. Our foreign outsourcing clients have benefited the most from our rich human resource base & trusted us to carry out their most crucial legal processing tasks. We take pride in having won the trust & confidence of our foreign counterparts for whom we consistently provide & monitor a strong and reliable complementary ‘Back-office Support Service’.

Legal Service India

For our foreign outsourcing law firms we manage legal processing at all levels ranging from data entry services to legal research, legal documentation, electronic filing of documents and corporate advisory services. Our Legal Process Management Services are designed to assist foreign law firms in cutting down both time & costs involved in execution of legal tasks and assignments while maintaining the content quality of advice and overall high standards of legal services.

We execute the following legal process operations-

  • Legal Research-International & Indian Perspectives
  • Drafting of Court pleadings
  • Legal Drafting of Agreements / Deeds / Conveyancing
  • Legal advisory & consultancy services
  • Document management services
  • Preparation of case law summaries
  • Electronic filing of documents & applications
  • Preparation of electronic databases and records
  • Intellectual Property Asset Management
  • Prior Art Search and Analysis
  • Patent drafting & filing
  • Liaisoning with Government Departments
  • Securing regulatory approvals and compliances
  • Legal research on specific law applicable in different countries
  • Preparation & editing of articles & newsletters
  • Transcription services
  • Data entry services
  • Paralegal assistance
  • Company secretarial
  • Secretarial services to law firms and companies
  • Discovery and due diligence
  • Litigation and corporate support