GST Registration online

GST Registration is an online process involving submission of several business details along with certain supporting documents. Prior to the GST registration, a critical analysis of various business and transaction aspects like – nature of the business, types of supplies/ services, category of registration, etc. are required to be undertaken.

We, at AMRA Consultants, are equipped to provide qualitative value-added services through the entire process of GST registration. Our dedicated team is available to offer end to end services in accordance with your requirements and clarify your questions.

Know More About GST Registration

In order to comply with the provisions of Goods and service tax law and avail eligible benefits, businesses need to undertake registration with the GST Act 2017 and take GST Number.

In order to register for GST, taxpayers need to submit certain documents, fill in requisite business-related information and file the online application on GST Portal. Upon filing the necessary details, the Temporary reference number allotted and the application is sent to the GST authorities for review and approval.

In case the GST authorities have any questions, the application is sent back to the taxpayer seeking additional clarifications. In such a case, the taxpayers need to provide appropriate responses to clarifications sought by GST authorities.

If the GST authorities are satisfied with the responses/ business details provided, the application would get approved and the certificate of GST registration containing the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) or GST number would be made available to the taxpayer.

This entire process of filing the online application to the receipt of GST Registration certificate is covered under our GST Registration Service offering. Our GST Registration consultants will help in each step.

What they say about us

 We give full credit to AMRA Consultants for streamlining our company’s GST compliance. Their dedicated team of learned professionals has a focussed approach & exceptional clarity when it comes to any questions pertaining to GST. I can say, without their support, it would not have been possible for us to sail past the initial turbulent period when GST was launched. Our best wishes always with them!