Financial structuring is one of the most important planning parts of the organization. It means arranging financial assets and liabilities of a corporation in order to create the most beneficial financial environment for the company. The process of financial structuring is often associated with corporate structuring, in that structuring the general function and composition of the company is likely to impact the financial health of the corporation. When completed, this ordering of corporate assets and liabilities can help the company to remain competitive, even in a depressed economy.

Financial structuring and restructuring is a key area of business management. Financial structuring and re-structuring of companies is one of Corporate Consultant’s expertise areas.

What AMRA Consultants Offers

Our specialists provide consulting and advisory on Sharia compliant commercially and legally enforceable structures. Restructuring of the matured obligations, needing extended timeframe for settlement.

We provide our clients with end to end solutions for transactions ranging from retail banking products, real estate financing and fund management to structured investment products, capital market activity and Islamic private equity. We have also successfully assisted a number of our clients in developing effective risk management solutions.

Our goals are to restore management’s credibility, develop attainable targets and deliver measurable results to all parties. While advising borrowers, our financial structuring and restructuring Services include:

Analyzing the borrower’s business plan
Reviewing historical financial and operational information
Analyzing the borrower’s cash flow projections
Developing required financial reporting tools
Monitoring results daily, weekly and monthly
Comparing results to prior performance
Comparing results to future projections
Investigating and assessing the value of critical collateral and other assets
Preparing detailed financial analysis reports
Preparing proposed restructuring plans
Negotiating and executing restructured agreements with lenders
Raising additional capital as required
Assist in transferring or shifting short term loans to medium to long term credit facilities.
Long term capital and / or institutional investor searches when and where necessary have
been successfully executed by us.
Debt Restructuring (CDR) and One Time Settlement
Turnaround strategy formulation for sick units including through BIFR
AMRA Consultants understands the importance of being able to develop and manage a solid financial system within a company.