With the unprecedented advent of Information Technology, the present day world witnesses complex challenges arising out of the new borderless space the Internet creates. Cyber space brings forth myriad pertinent legal issues that require in-depth knowledge and immediate expert legal advice.

Our Cyber laws team comprises of highly skilled and qualified professionals that include cyber lawyers, IT experts, IT consultants and cyber forensics who have succeeded in resolving the most complex cyber cases including cyber crimes by working in close association with Cyber Crime Cell of the Indian Police Department.

We have the practical experience of dealing with contentious and non-contentious work pertaining to cyber laws. Our cyber laws team has successfully represented clients in diverse cyber law related litigation including cyber crime cases, cyber stalking, e-IPR infringement, online credit card frauds etc. We at Amra Consultants advise our clients on negotiation and drafting of Information Technology related contracts, e-IPR issues and render advice on combating hacking attacks, phishing attempts, data thefts and online credit card frauds.

Our firm, therefore, has the unmatched expertise to advise its clients on all matters related to the specialized field of Cyber laws. Our attorneys often speak at seminars organized by prominent institutions of the country such the National Judicial Academy, National Police Academy, CBI, Indian Law Institute, IIT, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Indian Council of Arbitration. Our Cyber lawyers regularly contribute their views on current cyber law issues in special Media discussions broadcasted by reputed Television channels and through writing articles for various reputed Cyber law Journals.

  • Software Protection & Licencing
  • Data Protection
  • Cyber law related legal disputes
  • Domain names dispute resolution
  • B2B, B2C transactions
  • E-Commerce
  • Technology transfer and technical assistance agreements
  • Online unfair use or infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Investigation of Cyber crimes
  • Formation of contracts and legal vetting of web content
  • Hacking, Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Squatting
  • Credit card frauds
  • Online arbitration relating to cyber law issues
  • Resolving Jurisdictional issues